Message from the Ambassador


Minglabar and Namaste … meaning ‘ I pray, you the symbol of God’ in Sanskrit.

A very warm welcome to this webpage. It will provide you the information about bilateral relations between Myanmar and Nepal, tourism attractions and the reason for you to visit Nepal, the motherland of Lord Gautam Buddha.

Though the diplomatic relation was established between Myanmar and Nepal in 1960, the two nations share historically close relations defined by shared traditions, religion and linguistic and cultural linkages going back to the time of Lord Buddha.

There are many common between Myanmar and Nepal. Both are multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic and have diverse culture. Unity in diversity is a national mantra. In ancient times, Burma was under Kirat kingdom so as eastern Nepal. China and India are the closest neighbours. Pilgrims have similar feelings while visiting Shwedagon in Yangon and Bouddanath in Kathmandu.

The Gurkhas of Nepal fought for the independence of Burma, under the leadership of Bogyoke Aung San, who established 4th Gurkha rifles, and Myanmar assisted Nepal in its fight for democracy in 1950.

Nepal is a concovalence of nature and spiritualism and is unique in its topography. Its altitude ranges from 250 metre to 8,848 m within the span of 200 kms. Lumbini, the birthplace of Shakyamuni Gautam Buddha, and Mt. Everest (Sagarmatha in Nepali) are the legend of Nepal. Western tourists consider Nepal as an open museum. But it is more than a museum. US President Jimmy Carter trekked for 2 weeks in Annapurna range. A local journalist asked him, ‘how was your visit to Nepal Mr. President’? He replied, ‘I do not know whether there is a heaven, if there is one it should be in Nepal’.

There are many reasons, many destinations and many attractions to visit Nepal. One does not need to choose and wait for a season because, Nepal is all seasons’ destination. Lonely Planet has placed Nepal as No.1 value destination for 2017.

Why it is so? I request all to visit, enjoy and discover the mystery.

All the best wishes.

Bhim K. Udas